About Us

Access to Heritage, Art and Culture’ (Athac CIC) is a social enterprise providing services for parents & carers to access local and national leisure, culture, and the arts.

Parents who access the services are in the main carers to children with a range of disabilities including autism, learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. The group was founded in 2004 with the aim of breaking down barriers to disabled children and their families accessing heritage, art and culture.

The aim was to provide enriching life opportunities to families of disabled children.
The group offers a safe environment for children and young people with the support of trained volunteers and support staff. This means families are able to access more activities than they might otherwise have, and parents have the chance to enjoy activities together with confidence knowing their children are receiving high-quality opportunities.

The group offers a befriending network of support for parents who are often coping in isolation.
A programme of timetabled activities is aimed at both parents children and young people.

Athac’s overall aims

  • To provide every family the opportunity to access and participate in a rich range of leisure, arts, cultural and heritage activities.
  • To enable disabled and non disabled children and young people to build confidence and self esteem.
  • To develop young people social and life skills whilst supporting access to volunteering training and work opportunities.
  • To provide training and development opportunities for parents and carers.

Figure shows the nine intermediate outcomes that the project will use to measure its success in meeting this aim.