Athac (Access to Heritage, Art and Culture) provides supported opportunities for families to access local and national heritage, culture and the arts, including parents, young adults and children with disabilities, autism, learning difficulties and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over recent years as young people transition to adulthood it was concerning that none of the young people were able to gain employment which has led to poor self esteem and a lack of their own self worth within their community.

The young people decided that they wanted to use their creative skills to create a social business which would not only harness their creative skills but would allow them to generate an income.

Team victorious was founded in 2014 an enterprise run and led by children and young people.

The group works to produce customised art designs for customers which can be re- produced on T shirts, mugs, caps, flyers pens and other promotional items.   Athac provides support to Team Victorious through weekly entrepreneurial workshops including: art designs, graphic production, communication skills, marketing, leadership skills, planning, sales skills, team-working and money management skills.

Team Victorius plans to use their newly developed entrepreneurial skills to market, sell and showcase the items they produce at local markets  festivals and online.

Outcomes achieved for children and young people:

  • Increased motivation, confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduced social exclusion
  • Development of new skills and competencies
  • Increased economic independence
  • Increased employment potential
  • Improved psychological wellbeing and sense of belonging whilst experiencing success with their peers
  • Opportunities which will develop friendships and community connections
  • Increased sense of belonging
  • Experience feelings of failure and success as a team
  • Opportunities to develop wider friendships

Team Victorious offers a customised service to clients.

Services offered

Online shop see website for products

Be spoke logo design consultation

Promotional logo designs: T shirts, mugs, caps, pens let us know your product choice

Customised logo designs for your organisation or company

Branding designs for products

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