Birchfield Big Local Disability Family Project

Birchfield Big local identified the need for services for children and young people with disabilities and as a locally based organisation, Athac is in an ideal position to respond to local families who face daily challenges in raising a child or young person with a disability.

The desired outcomes identified are as follows:

Increasing the engagement of parents/carers of disabled children and young people in the Birchfield area.

Increasing opportunities for out of school activities – both inclusive sessions and specific disability group sessions.

Improving awareness and take up of wider leisure and cultural opportunities
Reduce the stress and improve the well-being of parents/carers.

Developing local sensory provision for children and adults with profound multi-sensory disabilities.

Disability Family Project: Provides a family support service enabling families of disabled children and young people to spend quality time together.

Core Activities include:
    •  Monthly family Activity session at Birchfield Children’s Centre
    • Weekend family trips and activities
    • Art and Cultural Activities
    • Family Outreach Service
    • Children and young people activities for holders of direct payments
    • Outreach carers support
    • Health and well Being sessions
    • Parent training workshops
    • Information and advice

Direct Payment and Personal Budget
Athac provides a bespoke service to individual who have an assessed need and are in receipt of direct payment. We deliver a personalised enriching programme of  leisure and cultural opportunities based around the individual preferences and interest. Additionally we supports individuals  to explore their community and make wider social connections.

Children in need
Athac was successful in securing funding for the next 12 months providing an inclusive creative workshop

Key Outcomes
Improve children self confidence
Children and young people develop friendships and make wider connections
Identify Talent and celebrate work produced