Services: Disability and Engagement Specialist

Supported Volunteering Pathways

ATHAC has extensive experience in supporting people with learning disability into volunteering opportunities.  Students post college transitioning through to adulthood often require additional support to access opportunities.  ATHAC is able to advise and work with organisations or individual’s to tailor support and placement within an organisation where access needs are properly assessed and placement tailored to individual choice and abilities.

Social Enterprise

ATHAC has experience of working with micro social enterprise who are on that next step from starting out to developing the skills and knowledge needed to grow a social business.  We actively promote training, networking and collaborations.

Disability and Engagement Specialist

ATHAC will work with cultural organisation to engage with a wider audience including those with a learning disability, Autism and people form minority backgrounds to broaden opportunities for groups who often face multiple barriers in accessing cultural venues.

Core Activities include:

    • Weekend family trips and activities
    • Art and Cultural Activities
    • Family Outreach Service
    • Children and young people activities for holders of direct payments
    • Outreach carers support
    • Health and well Being sessions
    • Parent training workshops
    • Information and advice

If you would like further information or interested in commissioning any of these services please contact ATHAC