Vegan Vybes supporting wellbeing for ATHAC families.

We have all been affected by a global change in our way of life and individuals, families and society at large have all suffered the affects in various ways. Our overarching philosophy of ‘connecting with kindness’ runs through the various projects that we currently offer.
We believe that the ATHAC families are incredibly resilient, creative and supportive of each other and would benefit from virtual support, by way of nutrition, gardening and cooking for mental health.  

  • Nutritional support – encouraging families to eat as healthily as possible with familiar plant-based foods on a budge
  • Interactive cooking sessions – an opportunity for families to share tips, experiment with recipes, to make healthier choices, to have fun whilst meeting on a regular basis over the internet
  • Growing tips and techniques – families can be given excess crops from the Earth Gardens project to be grown at home and future consumption plus the collection of seeds. 
  • Mental wellbeing tips – as our core philosophy regards positive mental health as a crucial component of human existence, we also recognise that ATHAC families do experience specific challenges made worse by a current global pandemic that has changed the way in which support is applied for a given.  

By sending consistent text quotes that enhances, challenges and supports the mental well- being of the families to promote resilience during this uncertain time and beyond.

Athac & Joie De Vivre Ventures Wellbeing sessions